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Pondicherry aka Puducherry or Pondy depending on the way you'd like to call it is nestled on the Southern Eastern coast of India. Until the middle of the past century, this Union Territory was a French settlement. The legacy is visible in the streets and architecture which add grandiose to the region along with the some of the most alluring beaches in India and a serene ambience. All this makes sure that Pondy has everything which a tourist could ask for. That explains why every year travellers flock to the beach resorts in Pondicherry to get an experience of the indescribable feeling that the place offers.

Are you looking for the best beach house in Pondicherry that will serve as the ideal getaway spot for your holidays? Well, you have landed at the right place. 154 Pearl Beach offers an extensive list of fun activities, premium rooms, private swimming pool and mouth watery food items that make it the best Pondicherry Beach house.


Just a 40-45 minute drive along the lushy green roads from Pondicherry will lead you to your ideal holiday destination - 154 Pearl Beach. The picturesque location, the mouth-watering food and the numerous fun activities make our location one of the best Pondicherry beach resorts. Our beach resort is easily accessible from Mahabalipuram as well.

Nestled between the serene Mudaliarkuppam backwaters on its west and the majestic Bay of Bengal to its east, 154 Pearl Beach is the place where you would want to base your Pondy experience around. With our top-class amenities and eco-friendly policies, we make sure that you have nothing short of a magical experience which you won’t be able to find in any other Pondicherry resorts. Our kitchens serve you pure organic food while we see to it that your trip is packed with loads of fun activities. Our premium homestay is just the ideal getaway location among all resorts in Pondicherry for a memorable holiday experience in spectacular natural surroundings.


The 11000 Sq. Ft. area with a 4000 Sq. Ft. Villa provides an eco-friendly environment for you and your family to detox from the busy city and work life.

Our spacious rooms with all the best amenities make sure that you enjoy the stay.

Just 700 metres from your rooms is 154 Pearl Beach's private beach. The backwaters to the west are only just 200 metres from where you will be staying.

This beautiful Pondicherry beach resort provides you with our own private swimming pool where you and your loved ones can have all the fun you want.

Our large open-air theatre would be the ideal spot for you to relax and enjoy your favourite movies along with your family and loved ones.

Well, what are Pondy resorts if not for the fun? We offer you a plethora of fun activities including Archery, Karaoke with party lights, an open-air barbecue and the most thrilling adventure sports.

Our In-house kitchen provides you with healthy organic food. The open-air barbeque gives you a reason for some fun over food.

Tired of the power cuts in your city? The best homestay in Pondicherry should help you get away from this right? Enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted Power Back up while you are at our eco-friendly resort.

We know that security is at the top of your priorities when you search for villas in Pondicherry. Once you walk into 154 Pearl Beach you can stop worrying about that. The closed gated community is monitored and kept safe round the clock by our security team which is always at your service.

Are you looking for best beach resorts near Mahabalipuram, ECR, Mahabalipuram towards Pondicherry, Mudaliyarkuppam, Paramankeni, Old Mahabalipuram Road and etc to spend time with your friends or family and do the things that you love Visit 154 Pearl Beach, resorts with swimming pool in Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry and ECR Chennai, all major tourist attractions.