Mahabalipuram Beach Resorts

Mahabalipuram Beach Resorts

Washed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal and located just 20-25 mins from the city of Chennai, Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram is nothing short of a cultural treasure. The UNESCO world heritage site is filled with awe-inspiring and unbelievable artistic structures carved from stones during the time of the Pallavas, a dynasty that ruled the region during the early centuries of the Common Era. This temple town is a magnet for tourists with a taste for heritage.


You invariably look for the best when you are picking a beach resort or homestay in Mahabalipuram. A 20- 25 minute drive from Mahabalipuram is all it takes for you to reach your ideal holiday destination which also happens to be the best beach resort in Mahabalipuram. Our beach resort is easily accessible from Mahabalipuram as well.

While picking beach resorts in Mahabalipuram you would also want to find a place which is as close to the main sites of attraction as possible. Well, this is exactly what you get at 154 Pearl Beach Resort. Our resort focuses on providing you with top-notch amenities using our eco-friendly policies. We see to it that your experience is nothing short of remarkable. At 154 Pearl Beach, we treat you to the most delicious organic food and a truckload of fun activities. Our premium homestay is the ideal getaway location for a memorable holiday experience in spectacular natural surroundings.


Our gated premises provide an eco-friendly and serene environment for you and your loved ones to escape the hectic schedules of your life.

We provide you with spacious rooms coupled with the best amenities that are sure to make your stay memorable.

The beautiful beach and the refreshing waves are basically next doors to you. Another reason why we are among the best Mahabalipuram resorts.

Our beach resort in Mahabalipuram also provides you with our own private swimming pool to take a dip in and relax.

We provide you with the best entertainment through our open-air theatre where you can enjoy your favourite movies on a grand screen

We offer you a plethora of fun activities including Archery, Karaoke with party lights, open-air barbecue and the most thrilling adventure sports. Well, we are not one of the best beach resorts in Mahabalipuram for no reason.

Our in-house kitchen serves you healthy organic food made from the best ingredients grown on our own farm. An open-air barbeque is at your disposal to enhance your experience.

Enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted Power Back while you are at our eco-friendly resort. Your convenience is our responsibility.

We know that you are always concerned about security while travelling with your loved ones. This is no doubt your top concern while choosing between villas in Mahabalipuram. But once you are inside our walls worry no more. Inside you would have at your service our security team which works 24×7 monitoring the premises and maintaining your safety.

Are you looking for best beach resorts near Mahabalipuram, ECR, Mahabalipuram towards Pondicherry, Mudaliyarkuppam, Paramankeni, Old Mahabalipuram Road and etc to spend time with your friends or family and do the things that you love. Visit 154 Pearl Beach, resorts with swimming pool in Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry and ECR Chennai, all major tourist attractions.